What is an Independent Contractor in Workers Compensation

Independent contractor in Workers Compensation

Being adjudicated an Independent Contractor in Workers Compensation Court greatly impacts your rights to medical treatment and disability payments. In December of 2016 a group of exotic dancers from Oklahoma City filed a class action lawsuit regarding their status as employees vs. independent contractor in workers compensation.  This designation is extremely important in the legal sense.  As a result, many companies seek to label…

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Wagoner Workers Compensation Attorneys Information

Oklahoma Worker’s Compensation laws require employers to have workers compensation insurance. This insurance is to protect workers in the event of on the job injuries.  This is no fault insurance and it replaces the option of suing your employer for negligence. The no-fault clause clause makes it easier and quicker to recover basic damages. Those damages include medical costs and lost income as a…

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Oklahoma Workers Compensation Fraud Defense

Imagine you recently broke your leg at work as a result of a slip-and-fall injury. You received an award for Oklahoma workers’ compensation insurance for a period of 4 months. As the 4 month period approaches, you are improving but need more care. You’ve consulted with your doctor but he has not cleared you to go back to work. While you are out walking your…

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