Rape Charges in Wagoner County

Rape Charges

Rape Charges in Wagoner County are come of the most serious crimes a person could face. In May of 2017, a jury found a man guilty of 14 counts of rape.  The police nicknamed the man “The Admiral Rapist” since he would pick up women on East Admiral who needed a ride. He would subsequently rape them in his car.  The man told a…

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Second Degree Burglary in Wagoner

second degree burglary in Wagoner

Second Degree Burglary in Wagoner County is a crime that could cost you your freedom. In December 2016, an Oklahoma City man was arrested on several charges, including second degree burglary, after he broke into a parked vehicle and was unable to get out.  The owner of the truck says that the doors do not open from the inside.  So when the thief entered…

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Threats by Phone or Computer Criminal Charges

making threats by phone

Making Threats by Phone or telephone convictions can cost you jail time and money. In February of 2016 a Norman man was arrested for making threats by phone.  The man, using the alias Kevin Burbank, would call strangers and threaten their lives over phone with offensive and obscene language.  He would record the messages and post them on his YouTube channel.  At one point the…

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Defending Shooting With Intent to Kill in Wagoner

Shooting with Intent to Kill in Wagoner

Defending Shooting With Intent to Kill in Wagoner County Oklahoma takes serious representation to keep you out of jail. Oklahoma has some of the least expansive gun laws in the nation.  Currently, it can be a crime to point a gun at another person.  However, Oklahoma Senate Bill No. 40 may soon change this if the governor signs it into law.  It is the…

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Defending Child Pornography Charges

Child pornography charges carry very serious punishment if you are convicted of the crime. With the advent of technology and the ability of people increasingly able to use it, child pornography rates exponentially grow.  Over 17 million videos and photos of children in pornographic settings are estimated online.  This number is constantly increasing according to FBI statistics and has more than tripled in the…

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Defending Leaving the Scene of an Accident Criminal Charges

As most people know, leaving the scene of an accident is a crime.  This doesn’t stop it from happening though.  Sometimes panic sets in and a person will flee without thinking about the consequences.  For example, in the fall of 2016 a man hit a stopped patrol car from behind.  The officer was conducting a traffic stop on a woman.  She was pinned between…

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Reckless Handling of a Firearm in Wagoner County

Reckless Handling of a Firearm in Wagoner County can result in criminal charges being filed. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation reports that over 40,000 handgun licenses were awarded in 2015. This is part of a 178% increase in licensing since 2007.  With statistics like these, you can see how reckless handling of a firearm laws can affect large numbers of people.  However, the…

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Wagoner Criminal Attorneys Explain Interfering with an Emergency Call

In Wagoner County the criminal charge Interfering with an Emergency Call is more common then many people think. An interesting fact is that it is often committed during other potential crimes.  A good example is the Oklahoma appeals case of Barton v. State.  A woman who was attempted to escape her drunken husband reached for her cell phone.  Her husband knocked it from her hand…

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Application to Revoke Criminal Sentence in Wagoner

Application to Revoke Criminal Sentence in Wagoner County is serious and could cause you to lose your freedom. If you receive a conviction on a crime, you may be eligible for a suspended sentence.  However, the crime must not have included a death.  To get a suspended sentence you must enter a guilty plea.  After  the plea, the court will require you to complete…

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False Impersonation Criminal Charges

False Impersonation Criminal Charges in Wagoner County could land you in jail. This is a case in the news that may help provide some background information regarding False impersonation charges. A Glenpool woman received charges in 2016 on two counts of false impersonation.  She used another person’s name, social security number, and date of birth to get workers’ compensation settlements and permanent resident cards. …

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