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Have you or a loved one received charges for a crime in Wagoner County, Oklahoma? Contact our Wagoner criminal defense attorneys for a free caseCriminal Defense | Call Today consultation. Our attorneys provide legal counseling and representation to Wagoner County residents facing criminal charges. In addition, we are here to help protect your constitutional rights and preserve your innocence.

Criminal Defense Legal Representation:

Our Wagoner County criminal defense attorneys represent individuals charged with misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses. The list below represents some of the crimes:

  1. Wagoner DUI/DWI ( Drunk Driving )
  2. Assault & Battery in Wagoner County
  3. Medicare Fraud
  4. Drug Possession & Distribution
  5. White Collar Crimes
  6. Theft & Related Crimes
  7. Firearms & Related Crimes

Arraignment on Criminal Charges in Wagoner:

Upon arrest for a crime, you or your loved one must attend an arraignment in District Court. The arraignment is the first court appearance you will have to attend. This is true in any misdemeanor or felony case in which you receive charges.  As a result of the arraignment you’ll be informed of the criminal charges against you and the amount of bail.

You should never confess to committing a crime at your arraignment. Further, it doesn’t matter if your charged with a misdemeanor or felony. Remember, you have the right to remain silent and you should always assert this right. It is always advisable to treat the police with respect.  However, this does not include making any statements.   Make sure you also obtain an attorney to go with you.  This ensures you a proper defense.

Preliminary Examination:

After your arraignment, you and your attorney will attend a preliminary examination. At this hearing a challenge can be made to the police officer’scriminal defense probable cause to arrest you. This hearing does not determine your guilt or innocence though. Rather, it determines if the alleged crime occurred within the jurisdiction of the Court.  Additionally, at the preliminary hearing the State of Oklahoma must present both evidence and witnesses. They have the burden of proving that a probability exists that you committed the crime. If probable cause exists, the case is “bound over” for trial. If not, then the judge reduces or dismisses the charges against you or your loved one. Contact our attorneys to find out if the police had sufficient probable cause to arrest you and how we can help defend your rights at the preliminary examination.

Pre-Trial Conference and Motions:

If the criminal matter is “bound over” for trial, then the next step would be to attend a pre-trial conference in which a plea deal can be made, and/or your attorney can file certain motions to have evidence excluded (example – motion to suppress evidence). This hearing is often referred to as the district court arraignment. At the DCA we first face the actual judge in our case. Moreover, this hearing acts as a table setting guiding the order the case will be held in. Some motions at the DCA may include motions to dismiss or suppress certain kinds of evidence. This hearing though doesn’t determine guilt or probable cause.

Criminal Trial in Wagoner County:

If the case does not settle during the pre-trial conference, it continues to trial. During the trial, the prosecutor and your attorney will be provided withcriminal defense the opportunity to present evidence regarding your conduct in the alleged crime.

If you receive felony charges in Oklahoma, you have the right to a bench or jury trial. Similarly, if you receive misdemeanor charges, you have the right to a bench trial. In a jury trial, the judge is the trier of law and the jury is the trier of fact.

The prosecutor has the burden of proof to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you or your love one did commit the alleged crime in both bench and jury trials. In a bench trial, the judge will issue the final determination regarding guilt or innocence. In a jury trial, the jury issues a verdict regarding guilt or innocence, or issues a mistrial if reaching no verdict.

Post-Trial Motions:

If you or your loved one is found guilty of the charge(s) at trial, then we will file a motion to set aside the verdict prior to sentencing occurring. If the judge decides to set the verdict aside, then the case against you dismisses. The judge also has the option to modify the verdict in which will reduce the charge(s) asserted against you.

Sentencing by Wagoner County Criminal Judge:

Sentencing in Oklahoma depends on the type of crime one commits.  Sentences also often rely on the judge’s discretion. You and other witnesses however will be provided an opportunity to give a statement to request a lighter sentence.

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Appeals of Sentencing:

In certain circumstances, you may seek to appeal your District Court case ruling. Assuming that no harmless error occurred during your trial, there are two basic grounds in which you can assert an appeal in Oklahoma:

  1. The lower court made a serious error of law; or
  2. The weight of the evidence does not support the verdict.

Contact Our Wagoner County Criminal Defense Attorneys:

Contact our Wagoner County criminal defense attorneys for a free case evaluation if you have been arrested and/or charged with a crime. We may be able to present the following criminal defenses on behalf of you or your loved one:

Lack of Reasonable Suspicion

  1. Lack of Probable Cause
  2. Self-Defense
  3. Insanity
  4. Duress

Our attorneys understand the serious repercussions that a criminal charge and/or conviction may have on your life, or your family member. Thus, our law office is proud to represent our clients and we strive to win all cases. For a Free Legal Consultation with a Criminal Defense attorneys Call 918-379-4872 or send us an email